He’s completely lost his mind.

According to Breitbart News, CNN anchor Don Lemon attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s the “biggest snowflake of them all.”

CNN host Cooper explained the “firestorm” started with “a slide from a training session that Black Lives Matter and LGBT attire is expectable, but Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and MAGA attire is not. Goodyear says the slide was not created by their corporate office, and it generally asks from employees to refrain from political expressions. They support both equality and law enforcement and will continue to do so. Still, the president arguing this is his chance to fight back against the cancel culture of the left. It’s not lost on us that he’s one of the founders of cancel culture. Look at some of the companies he’s called to boycott over the years, starting with his favorite medium, TV. He’s called for entire networks to be boycott, including HBO and CNN. He didn’t like CNBC after he was left off the list of most influential business leaders. He singled out Fox personalities, Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly, and the National Review writers.”

Lemon said, “He’s the biggest snowflake of them all. I should mention he has criticized me, he’s criticized you, he’s criticized my colleagues, called for the cancellation of CNN, and he tried to get involved in the AT&T merger. So, he’s a hypocrite when it comes to counter culture.”

He continued, “There’s a difference between equality and politics, something being political. There is nothing, I believe, that should be inherently political about Black Lives Matter or Pride flag. That has to do with equal protection under the constitution as a citizen of the United States.” You can read the full article here.