She better be ready for what comes next.

According to Breitbart News, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer attacked President Donald Trump for his previous remark against the governor calling her the “failing Michigan governor.”

Whitmer said, “We’ve been working overtime to try to be as aggressive as we can to flatten the curve on the coronavirus spread. We knew it was going to come to Michigan at some point, and that’s why I ginned up the state emergency operations center back at the end of February. While it hadn’t been here yet, we knew it was coming. We started task forces and declared a state of emergency immediately. I know how important it is that we are aggressive, where there’s been a vacuum of leadership. I think it’s important all of these governors and mayors across the country are taking the bold action we need to protect the public.”

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow asked, “The president took some shots at you and has been attacking you personally even as each of you is trying to weather the state and the federal divide in terms of coming up with a response to this. Do you feel like you are able to have a constructive working relationship with the federal government? Does the president attacking you affect how well Michigan is able to respond to what’s happening in your state?”

Whitmer responded, “You know what, I can’t get distracted by that. It’s ironic that my point I was making as I was being attacked was that they’re not serious. They’re watching TV and attacking via Twitter. That’s not going to help anything. The only thing that helps us manage a crisis is having clear and swift information, having personal protection equipment, ensuring we’ve got the tests that we need, and the resource that is necessary. Ten million people in the state of Michigan who are counting on me to be able to deliver, and I need a federal government that’s got our back and helping us through that.” You can read the full article here.