They just cant get enough of Trump.

Head of the White House Correspondents Association Jonathan Karl moved to take power from President Donald Trump stating reporters should fight the president when they get kicked out.

We don’t walk out, our job is to cover these things,” Karl told host Brian Stelter.

“For as long as there have been seats in that briefing room, the White House Correspondents Association has had a say in who sits where,” he added. “And the reason for that is you don’t want a reporter, Kaitlan Collins, for instance, to worry if she asks a question that upsets the president that the president will retaliate by moving her to the back row or kicking her out of the briefing room.”

He continued, “That is a bedrock principle. So we will fight for that. And, you know, it’s longstanding, and it’s been a practice that has worked.” You can watch a clip of Karl’s remarks here.