It was about time they were put in their place.

According to Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence slammed CNN stating that they got “a lot” wrong in the early stages of the coronavirus.

“My question to you, again, about where we are and where we will be, stems from this. On June 16, you wrote that we are winning the fight against the invisible enemy… and the panic is overblown, you said that on June 16,” CNN host Berman said. “Since then, 53,000 more Americans have died … so how was the concern overblown?”

“Some time around Memorial Day things changed,” Pence said as Berman cut him off.

“So you were wrong? You were wrong on June 16? Were you wrong on June 16?” Berman said.

Pence shot back, “CNN was wrong about a lot early in the year as well, John. We’ve all been learning all along the way about this coronavirus.” You can read the full article here.