You won’t believe what they’re doing.

According to Breitbart News, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats for holding the small business aid “hostage.”

McConnell said, “The distinguished Democratic Leader and the Speaker of the House sought to use this crucial program to open broader negotiations on other topics, including parts of the CARES Act where literally no money has gone out the door yet.”

He added, “The Democratic leadership has suggested they may hold Americans’ paychecks hostage unless we pass another sweeping bill that spends half a trillion dollars doubling down on a number of parts of the CARES Act, including parts that have not even started to work yet.”

He continued, “The country cannot afford unnecessary wrangling or political maneuvering. Treating this as a normal, partisan negotiation could literally cost Americans their jobs.”

“We are asking small business owners across America to place their faith in us. We are asking them to keep workers on payroll because Congress, the Treasury, and the SBA will have their back,” McConnell said. “We must not fail them. My colleagues must not treat working Americans as political hostages.” You can read the full article here.