We will be in good hands…

Recently Vice President Mike Pence announced that Deborah Birx would be joining the “coronavirus task force as White House coronavirus response director.”

The statement by the vice president said, “Ambassador Birx is a world renowned global health official and physician. She will be detailed to the Vice President’s office and will report to Vice President Mike Pence.”

Just as Trump said in his speech, we will be totally prepared if or when the virus shows up in the country.

“Whatever happens we’re totally prepared. We have the best people in the world. You see that from the study. We have the best prepared people, the best people in the world. Congress is willing to give us much more than we’re even asking for. That’s nice for a change. But we are totally ready, willing and able. It’s a term we use. Ready, willing and able. It’s going to be very well-under control.”

In addition to the coronavirus task force, Birx will continue with her own work in the United States’ AIDS initiatives. Read the full story here.