He’s going to regret this.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Cory Booker exposed a traitorous republican who as he states is looking into qualified immunity for police officers.

CBS host Brennan said, “Well, I want to ask you- I want to ask you about this moment, because, I mean, it’s an election year and emotions are already supercharged. The president this morning sent a tweet quoting Michael Moore, a filmmaker, said “Democrats shouldn’t underestimate white male Trump supporters’ rage and emotion.” You heard my exchange with Senator Scott about whether it is ignorance or deliberateness to plan a rally around Juneteenth. Do you believe that you can come to a compromise with this administration on this issue?”

Booker stated, “Well, this is what I know. I know the heart of Tim Scott and senators like Senator Braun, who said to me he’s- qualified immunity is on the table. We- we are one body of the United States Senate. And- and people of good heart and good spirit, regardless of what the president does. He can veto a bill, but we should come forward in this moment in history, which will be judged.” You can read the full article here