Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, CNN network political commentator former Sen. Rick Santorum attacked President Donald Trump stating his claim to reopen states was the president’s decision was false.

Host John King said, “Help me out on this constitutional question here. You are a constitutional conservative, and you have different views on federal powers. The president tweeted earlier today that it is his call, we live in a 50-state republic.”

He asked, “The president can’t order the reopening of the American of the economy, correct?”

Santorum said, “That’s correct, but the president can set a tone.”

He added, “President can set a tone for that. I agree the president can’t, nor should he try to overrule. It won’t work. But what he can do is set a tone saying, ‘It’s time to start getting back to work.’… Just because the president says go back to work doesn’t mean people are going to go back to work. They’ll want some level of comfort.” You can watch a clip of Santorum’s remarks here.