He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for blocking a coronavirus package that would have provided economic relief to businesses and Americans.

“The things that they are asking for, they want to talk about election law, they want to talk about money that was going to places — think for one moment what we were able to do before. We’ve sent more money to the state, we increased the funding level there that we found time to work together,” McCarthy outlined.

McCarthy further stated, “This is actually to protect the jobs to provide more resources for what we need in dealing with this situation. Time is of the essence, but what’s so critical here is the actual senators, Democrats and Republicans, got together and crafted the bill. It is the leadership that has come in because they are unhappy that they couldn’t craft it themselves. This is the way our founders believe we should have written the bill and for them to hold up any process of moving forward is not even voting on the bill. It’s giving the 30 hours of debate to start moving. Chuck Schumer should allow the American public to be able to move forward, and this is unacceptable.”

He later added, “[Pelosi] has no bill, she has no people, she has no members. That was a political ploy to give cover to Schumer to get his Democrats to vote no. This is a moment in time that those Democrat senators should not sit back and take the direction of leadership. Put the American public first.” You can read the full article here.