Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh slammed Democrats for not mentioning riots during the Democrats National Convention.

“Ask African-Americans how much the Democrats have cared about ’em in 50 years, how much it’s meant to their lives improving. Answer is zip, zero, nada,” the host said. “But if you want to give a speech and you want to talk about empathy, how in the world do you not mention the victims of the riots and the violent criminals? How in the world, if you’re gonna talk about empathy and how you’ve got more empathy than the Republicans, how in the world do you not talk about what is happening to law-abiding people in your own cities and states, like Seattle and like Portland?”

“They didn’t even mention it,” Limbaugh continued. “Not just Michelle (My Belle). Nobody mentioned it.”

“So by extension, we have to think they don’t care about what is happening to the law-abiding in Portland or Seattle,” he argued. “Hint, hint — they don’t.” You can read the full article here.