This is who the Democrats chose.

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders stated that the American people would be moving towards having President Trump as president again. She also included that the Democratic Party was moving further to the left even though Bernie Sanders dropped out.

She said that Biden has “already adopted a lot of Bernie’s far-left extremist views and the Democrat Party has moved to the left.”

She continues saying, “The contrast right now is between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. That is the choice Americans have to make. And, I think that there’s no question they are going to move towards Donald Trump — particularly if you look at what’s happening right now.”

“You have President Trump who is taking strong actions that are saving lives and American jobs, while you have Joe Biden who is misleading and dividing the American people.”

She ended by going after Biden saying, “They want a strong leader — not a tired career politician like Joe Biden. And, they have that in Donald Trump.”

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