Democrats don’t know what hit them.

According to The Daily Wire, Sen. Ted Cruz unloaded on the Obama administration saying that the $150 billion that the Obama administration gave Iran paid for the missiles that Iran fired at U.S. forces in Iraq.

“If you look at Iran policy I think you’ve seen a dramatic shift. Under Barack Obama, the policy was appeasement,” Cruz said. “The policy under the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal under Obama was to give over $100 billion to Iran. They literally flew $1.7 billion in cash in unmarked bills on pallets in the dead of night into Iran.”

Cruz continued, “In a very real sense, the missiles that we saw fired on U.S. service men and women tonight were paid for by the billions the Obama administration flooded the ayatollah with and if history teaches anything its don’t give billions of dollars who hate you and want to kill you.” You can read the full article here.