He’s not coming back from this one.

According to The Daily Wire, President Donald Trump slammed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden for picking Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate.

“She is a person that’s told many, many stories that weren’t true,” Trump said. “She’s very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe. She is against fracking. She’s against petroleum products. I mean, how do you do that and go into Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the great state of Texas? She’s against fracking. Fracking’s a big deal.”

“She’s in favor of socialized medicine, where you’re going to lose your doctors,” Trump continued. “You’re going to lose your plan. She wants to take your healthcare plans away from 180 million Americans. 180 million Americans that are very happy with their health insurance and she wants to take that away. So she was my number one pick. I mean, as they would say, because hopefully you’ll start college football. She was my number one draft pick. And we’ll see how she works out. She did very, very poorly in the primaries as you know. She was expected to do well. She ended up at right around 2% and spent a lot of money.”

“She had a lot of things happening. And so I was a little surprised that he picked her,” Trump concluded. “I’ve been watching her for a long time. And I was a little surprised. She was extraordinarily nasty to Kavanaugh, Judge Kavanaugh then, now Justice Kavanaugh. She was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing, the way she was. The way she treated, now Justice Kavanaugh. And I won’t forget that soon. So she did very poorly in the primaries and now she’s chosen. So let’s see how that all works out.” You can read the full article here.