She is fed up with everything…

A woman was recorded going off on protestors and rioters that had damaged the area she worked at in Kenosha.

She was recorded saying, “It’s sickening. This is sickening. This is disgraceful, and this is not going to solve any problems!”

“Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter, people. Let’s get it together. Let’s work together. We are in hard times! My God. A person that has worked 50 years in a furniture store has nothing and because why? Because a police officer made a bad choice. Don’t take it out on innocent people. All we want to do is make a living and come to work and help people!”

“Come on people. Get it together. This is sick. Sick. Sickening!”

She makes a great point. People are tearing down their own cities in protest which is actually harming innocent people and probably themselves.

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